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Expert Instruction from a

Master of the Violin & Viola

Violin Virginia

Do you want to play the violin in Virginia?

Jim Ling knows how to guide you. He has been mastering and teaching the violin for most of his life!

 Symphony Orchestras, Chamber Orchestras, String Quartets, Solo Recitals -- Jim has been performing, studying, instructing, and mastering music on violin and viola spanning the last five centuries.

For 30 years Jim has taught his depth of knowledge in both Traditional and Suzuki Violin to students, from children through adults, online or in person in Northern Virginia.


Contact Jim about personalized lessons to develop you or your child to play up to performance level!

  • Experience - 30+ Years of Teaching

  • Expertise - Played with 12 Orchestras

  • Education - Bachelors & Masters Degrees

  • Reputation - Accolades & Rave Reviews

  • Methods - Traditional & Suzuki Violin

  • Passion - "Sharing my Love for the Violin, & watching my students fulfill dreams!"

Text or Call now to Schedule Lessons!

Learn Violin in Virginia or Online:

Happy Parents

"You clearly are able to work equally well with all age and skill levels, and are able to provide your students with just the right challenges each step of the way."

Happy Students

"I have been taking violin lessons since I was five.
I can't even imagine my life without violin lessons with Mr. Ling."

Violin Player
Image by Beth Rufener

 Join Jim for Online Suzuki Violin Lessons

 Or take lessons in person in Northern Virginia.



Individualized lessons allow the teacher to work with the student's learning style and personality, to teach each student in the way that they learn best.


Regular recitals keep students on track developing their performing skills as well as their technique and musicality.


Confidence and self esteem come from accomplishing goals, both small and large. Lessons teach focus on developing technical and musical skills.


Students consistently place in top chairs of the most advanced orchestras. Parents and Students trust the process, teacher, and results. 


 Over 30 years of professional experience performing in symphony and solo recitals, playing music spanning five centuries, means a breadth and depth of knowledge are behind each lesson.

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