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In Person and Online Suzuki Violin Lessons.

Start fresh from any age or enhance your talent to performance level with expert Suzuki Violin Lessons from a Master in Suzuki Violin and Viola.
Learn from the comfort of your home, or at the Virginia Academy of Violin.

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Weekly Schedule:

Monday through Friday

9am to 8pm

Lessons Online, or here:

8519 Durham Court

Springfield, VA 22151

What is the Suzuki Method of Violin Lessons?


 “Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. The potential of every child is unlimited.” 

- Shinichi Suzuki

Shinichi Suzuki was a violin virtuoso who developed a novel way to teach music more effectively.


Suzuki's observation was that all Japanese children learn to speak Japanese. Is there a way to duplicate this success to another language, that of playing the violin?


The Suzuki Method takes the conditions that ensure that all children master their native language and applies them in the context of learning to play the violin. It is the best way to learn the violin, as well as viola, cello, bass, piano, harp, recorder and guitar.


Why are Suzuki Violin Lessons so Successful? 

Learn the language

Children learn every aspect of the language of violin, including: 

accent, syntax, pronunciation, enunciation, tone, grammar, and inflection.

start earlY

Babies begin hearing before they are born. Children are expert learners, and the younger they are, the more neural connections they are making. Studies show development of the brain and personality by studying music early.

suzuki parent

Music, like language, is fundamentally about communication. Parental enthusiasm, support, encouragement, interaction and guidance, based on what is learned from the Suzuki violin teacher, is the natural way to go.


All the skills of violin playing can be broken down into small steps. An experienced Suzuki teacher will tailor the steps to be appropriate to the needs and aptitudes of the student.


Skills are learned through consistent and correct repetition of an action with careful attention to feedback. For a violinist this includes sound, feel, internal responses and external responses. 


We keep playing the pieces we've learned while we're learning new ones. This allows us to develop new skills in an easy song, while developing learned skills to greater levels of mastery and sophistication. It also builds a large repertoire of songs that can be played, and enhances memory.

Group Classes

Music is fundamentally about communication. Suzuki Violin lessons benefit from both individual and group lessons. Groups help with Ensemble playing skills, Listening, Leading, and Following, as well as having musical friends and feeling connected to and contribute to others.

Music Reading

Just as with language, reading is introduced only after the student has got the basics of playing in good shape. In addition to reading music, we listen intently appreciating the:

style, harmony, melody, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, pacing, and tempo.

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